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Illustration and Packaging Design

A Deck of Fantasies

The historical significance of playing cards intrigued me as an illustrator, leading to the creation of this deck, 'A Deck of Fantasies'. This project took two years to finish, starting in October 2021 and finally launching in October 2022. The illustrations on these cards showcase various themes intended to evoke contemplation and visual delight for the player.

The illustrations on the cards aim to intrigue the player, and each card is open to interpretation for divination. With its diverse and unconventional illustrations compared to typical playing card decks, these cards are an ideal fit for the Indonesian Tepok Nyamuk card game.

The size and thickness of the cards (6.6x11cm, 230gsm) are also suitable for enthusiasts interested in card-stacking.

Get your Deck of Fantasies here.

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